Discreet and non-public sales

We offer a discreet and non-public sale after consulting with our client and setting our sales strategy. This kind of sales is chosen by clients who wish to have their neghbouhood not knowing about their sale and discretion is a priority.

A non-public sale is a combination of all our services, except our full-size presentation in available media.

Non-public sales proces / Non-public sales tools

  • Placing an offer to private agents
  • Use of a shared inquiring client database
  • Cooperation with leading real estate agencies that have client databases of people looking for exceptional and investment properties
  • Sales and abroad investment offers, not only for individuals, but also for agencies focused on exclusive properties
  • We also use our own rich database of selected clients

of a non-public and discreet sale

  • During the discrete sale we always aim our sales strategy on ensuring our clients privacy demands
  • We create and arrange all necessary documents and together we set up the best way to reach potential clients
  • We contact selected clients by telephone with a direct offer, send our presentation and in case of interest, we with arrange and a property viewing with your permission.
  • Potential candidates will be introduced to you in advance and we inform you who is interested in buying your property

A non-public and discreet sale is not a common way to sell properties because of the difficulty reaching clients. This service can be successfully offered thanks to a large client database and an efficient cooperation between agents who create a healthy and functional private market of exceptional high-class properties.

Do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about our successfull discreet real estate sales.